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Best Locations To Use Ouija Boards




The most common location to use a Ouija board is at the kitchen table surrounded by some white candles.  While this may work just fine, it can get boring.  If you're brave enough there are some exciting locations that you may wish to try.  We do suggest that beginners get comfortable at home first before they venture out in search of new Ouija locations.

If you've got an experienced group you may wish to seek out areas high in paranormal energy.  Using a Ouija board in a cemetery is a great way to bump up the excitement level and has the potential for a wild session.  Many people advise against using a Ouija board in cemeteries.  In our opinion you're no more likely to experience negative energy in a cemetery than anywhere else.  There's simply more energy there for you to draw upon increasing the likelihood of making contact. 

Abandoned buildings are great spooky locations to use a Ouija board in.  Holding a session inside an old historical building can be particularly interesting due to the spirits that you may encounter there.  Old museums are great locations if you can locate a quiet spot.

Other spooky locations include old insane asylums, haunted houses, and areas where people died.  Of course the possibility of encountering negative energy increases in these areas.  But for those that are adventurous and experienced, these types of locations can provide an experience that you'll never forget, believe me.

One of the scariest Ouija sessions that I've ever experienced was in the middle of the woods near what looked like the foundation of a burned out home.  It was like a scene right out of the Blair Witch movie.  I didn't sleep two minutes that night.  But it's something I'll never forget and I'm grateful for having had the experience.

If you seek out areas off the beaten path, make sure that you're not trespassing on private property nor violating any laws.  Always research the area ahead of time to make sure it is safe.  There have been reports of people investigating old buildings and falling through unstable flooring.  This can cause serious injury or worse.  Be VERY careful when entering abandoned buildings and always let someone know where you're going and what time to expect you back.



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