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How To Make A Witch Board





Spooky HandTo make a witch board, also referred to as a Ouija board or talking board, all you really need is some notebook paper and a pencil.  Simply draw the letters A through Z in the center of the paper and the numerals 0-9 on the top or bottom.  On opposite sides of the paper write "Yes" and "No."  Along the bottom of the paper write "Goodbye."  Use a clear glass for a pointer and you're ready to go.

A talking board at its simplest is merely letters and numbers on a board.  You can use paper, cardboard, wood, slate, marble, just about anything to create your own unique talking board.  There really is no talking board etiquette that must be followed when setting up your own unique version.

We've seen some beautiful hand carved wooden boards and have created quite a few ourselves.  If you do a quick Google image search for custom Ouija boards you'll find all manner of boards from wood, to slate and marble.  You're really only limited by your imagination.

We highly recommend designing your own unique version out of wood first.  The process is enjoyable, you'll learn a bit about wood carving and finishing, and you'll feel more attached to the board.  The experience is worthwhile and you may find that your own unique board is more attuned to you psychically.

If you're skilled enough, add images and symbols to the board for decoration and even protection.  A friend created a board with silver etching around the borders.  You can also add your own unique phrases such as "Ask again in one week."  It took me three boards before I became proficient at witch board design.  I'm currently making one out of mahogany.  It's a fun hobby to have and I give them to friends as gifts occasionally.







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