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How To Use Ouija Boards





Mystic FacesOuija boards don’t work.  That’s what I thought the first time I attempted to use one as a teenager.  We put the planchette on the board and stared at it for a few minutes.  When the planchette failed to move dramatically around the board we grew bored and played with Hot Wheels.

Now I know better.  Using a Ouija board properly is as much about attaining the proper mind state as it is receiving answers.  In order to channel spirits properly you need to focus and practice.  Like working out, harnessing the power of a Ouija board takes practice.  Rarely does one pull out a Ouija board and start receiving elaborate messages their first few tries.

The first thing to do is set up the environment.  Using a Ouija board isn’t something to be attempted while consuming beer and pretzels with the football game on.  Turn off the television, music, and all artificial lights.  Light a few white candles.  Don’t light too many as they can attract too much attention.  You want to contact one or two spirits, not a busload.

We strongly suggest opening with a prayer of protection.  The Lord’s Prayer or Pslam 23 are good choices.  You can also create your own opening prayer.  This is to protect you from attracting negative energy.  Speaking of which, use a Ouija board only when you're feeling positive and unstressed.  Do not use a talking board when tired or under the influence of anything like alcohol that may impair your judgment.

If you’re overly concerned about contacting evil spirits, sprinkle salt in a circle around the group.  This may add a layer of protection and is a good idea if you're in a new location such as an abandoned building.  You may also want to consider burning sage and placing a silver coin upon the board.  Silver may be able to stop an evil presence from leaving the board.

Many people advise having 2-5 members in your group.  Having more than five members may cause confusion and make results hard to decipher.  While we agree this is true for beginners, for experienced users a larger group may allow spirits to harness more energy.  Using a Ouija board is both tiring for the user as well as the spirits.  Having more hands on the planchette provides more energy to the spirit.

We’ve experienced some crazy, yet thrilling sessions with groups over five people.  You’ll find that the planchette moves quickly and sometimes wildly.  You may also find that a larger group attracts more attention.  You can literally almost feel the energy crackling with an experienced group.

You may want to have a witness on hand to record answers.  Sometimes the planchette moves very slowly.  Other times it’s hard to keep up with.  For beginners we recommend starting with not more than four people.  Choose one person to ask questions and begin by asking “Is anyone there?”

While sitting in a circle place your hands lightly upon the planchette.  “Lightly,” is the key word.  Just let your fingertips rest upon top of the device.  After stating the opening question, begin to move the planchette in a small circle on the board.  Do it slowly and effortlessly.  You should practice until it becomes a reflex that you don’t even realize you’re doing.

This circling of the board allows energy to build up which the spirit can then harness and use to speak to you.  After a time, possibly a few minutes, you should feel the planchette move.  At this time you are free to ask it questions.

Again, this is not a game.  Don’t laugh, ridicule, or leave the room for a beer.  Stay focused and above all RESPECTFUL.

It’s probably best for beginners to stick to yes and no questions at the beginning.  As we said before, learning to use a Ouija board takes practice and it can be awkward at first.  Often times people will assume that the other is moving the planchette.  Don't let an argument break out during the session.

Here are some ground rules for questioning spirits.  We strongly recommend that you take them seriously.  First of all keep in mind that the presence you encounter is under no obligation to speak the truth.  While not necessary malicious, it may simply be amusing itself.  It may be a trickster.  Or it may indeed be malevolent.  Don’t believe everything you’re told.

Never ask a presence to prove its existence.  Think about that for a second.  When you’re communicating with a spirit you’re merely having a conversation.  It hasn’t actually entered your plane of existence.  You’ve merely opened up a doorway of communication to speak through, much like a telephone. That’s all.  And that's why we believe that for the most part, Ouija boards are safe when used responsibly.

Now if you ask a spirit to prove that it exists, what options does it really have.  To prove its existence it would actually need to enter your realm and interact with your physical world whether it be by making lights dim, the temperature change, or whatever.  You do not want to invite it into your physical space.

Never ask how they died.  Spirits are in different phases of existence.  Some of them may not realize that they are actually deceased (The Sixth Sense).  They may become unstable if you force them upon this realization.

Never EVER ask them about death.  First of all you don’t want to know about your own death.  Secondly, there are no guarantees that you’ll receive the truth.  The singer of “The Killer’s” is terrified of the number 621.  A Ouija board once told him that number would kill him, which just happens to be his birthday June 21st.  You can imagine what traveling would be like for him on that day.  Leave questions about death far away from the Ouija board.

Never ask a spirit to manifest itself physically or allow it to visit you.  It may ask your permission!  Remember that spirits may lie.  You may thank you’re speaking with your great grandfather.  That may not be the case.  You do not want to allow a presence to enter your physical realm.

If the planchette attempts to move in order through the alphabet either backwards or forwards, end the session immediately.  The same rule applies to numbers.  This means the spirit may be trying to leave the board.  Do not let the planchette finish the series.  Move the pointer to "goodbye" and flip the board.  Don’t let the planchette leave the board during a session either.

If the spirit becomes obscene or offensive end the session.  Do not let it spell anything demonic whether it be hell or whatever.  Some people advocate flipping the planchette if this occurs.  We suggest simply ending the session by moving the planchette to goodbye, flipping the board, and saying a closing prayer of protection.  Don’t mess around with this stuff.

If the planchette moves to “goodbye” on its own, end the session.  Allow the spirit to go.  The last thing you want to attempt is to force communication with an unwilling spirit.

When ending a session NEVER simply get up and walk away leaving the board as it is.  ALWAYS move the planchette to goodbye.  THANK the spirit for communicating with you.  Then flip the board and leave the room.  We always leave the board flipped for a time before putting it away.  This insures that any residual energy in the room is depleted.

Regard anything you’re told during the session with a healthy does of skepticism.  Ultimately it may simply be your subconscious mind speaking unrealized fears or airing out random ideas.  Never act upon a message that you’ve received from a talking board. Using a Ouija board should be a fun, light hearted experience.  Never take anything you’ve gleaned too seriously.



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