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The Hungry Spirit




When I was in high school my girlfriends and I used a Ouija board all the time.  Mostly it was just harmless fun.  Will we fall in love soon?  Will Jennifer become a famous actor?  We'd just ask it silly questions, putting it in the same category as one of those magic eight balls.

On my seventeenth birthday we were using it at my house and I remember the board was acting strange.  There were four of us and the pointer thingy seemed difficult to move.  It was slow and seemed to resist us.  At the time I thought it was one of my friends acting silly.

One spirit began talking to us and kept saying it was hungry.  We asked what it was hungry for?  Did it want some birthday cake?  Some cool-aide?  We thought it was a funny spirit.

Then it said it was hungry for "Scuff."  We told the spirit it was a lousy speller and that if it was hungry why not just eat something?  There was stuff to eat all over the place.  What did it want?

The pointer on the Ouija board jerked over to the letter "K" and then slowly moved to "Goodbye."

A few minutes later I heard the loud squeal of brakes locking up in front of my house followed by what sounded like a yelp.

We rushed outside to see my dog laying by the side of the road.  It had been run over by a garbage truck, its hind legs crushed.  He passed away within moments.

My dog's name was Scruffy.  To this day I have strange dreams about him and that board.    





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