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This is a story passed down from my aunt about my great grandmother June.  I don't know if it's true or not but it has always scared me.

When my great grandmother June was in her early twenties her husband passed away suddenly.  A year or two later she got together with a friend one night and supposedly was able to contact her late husband through a Ouija board.  He spelled out things on that board that no other person could possibly know.  According to the story the board knew where they'd first kissed, something she'd never told anyone.

June told him that she missed him terribly.  At first his comments spoken through the board were nice and he seemed very much like her late husband.  But when she asked him if he was ok and would he wait for her in heaven the board spelled out "Fire." 

Not understanding she asked him if there was a fire somewhere?

The board spelled out "No."

She asked him if there would be a fire in the house?  Was he trying to warn her?

The board again spelled "No."

Puzzled, she asked "What do you mean by fire?"

The board slowly spelled out "I am on fire." 

The planchette then began rapidly circling the board in an awkward jerking motion as if it was trying to fling itself off the board.

According to my aunt's story, this is when my grandmother June lost her vision, literally.  Instantly she was blind.  She stood up knocking over the table and attempted to run out of the room, screaming.  She tripped over a stool sending her head crashing down upon the wooden flooring, knocking her out soundly.

Later, upon seeing a doctor she was told that she'd suffered a mild stroke causing temporary blindness.  She was in her early twenties when this happened.  How many people in their twenties have a stroke?

She later went on to re-marry and lived a long and happy life.  But she always warned people to stay far away from any type of talking board.   




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