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Submitted by Anonymous

Message from the editor:  We don't necessarily agree with the following email that we received, but it's an interesting viewpoint.


This is a warning for your readers.  When I was in seminary school in the 70's we studied cases of people becoming seriously deranged after using Ouija boards.  I know that your readers probably think these boards are just a game but they're not.  They have power, and it's real.

99.9999% of the time people using Ouija boards experience nothing other than their subconscious minds spelling out random nonsense.  But once in a great while certain types of people succeed in contacting real entities.  These entities are not your friends.

Some people seem to have a predisposition to making contact whether it be from posessing a weak mind, having been exposed to the occult, or from simply being targeted by demonic forces.  These people that do make contact are always worse off for the experience.  Some of them require years of psychological counseling.

It says in the Bible that when our loved ones pass on, their spirits go up to heaven.  You CANNOT contact them until you pass on, or the rapture occurs when we that are saved rise up to heaven to meet them.  Let me say that again.  You CANNOT contact a loved one that has passed on.  God will not allow it.

I would suggest that you cannot contact an angel of light either.  Objects of divination are expressly forbidden by the Bible, therefore why would a being of light use an instrument of the Devil?  Obviously, it wouldn't!  You won't make contact with anything good through the use of a Ouija board. 

Therefore, the only entity left for you to make contact with is a demonic presence.  And believe me, demons do exist.  There is real evil within this world.

Don't use a talking board, don't go near one, don't associate with people that do.  There is nothing fun about exposing yourself to occult forces. 




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