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Back when I was in college we used a Ouija board occasionally for laughs.  Most of the time I figured it was my retarded friends manipulating the planchette.  It was usually fun, especially when we had girls and beer with us.

It was really strange, every time cute girls were with us the board would tell them to do naughty things.  How that happened I have no idea.  But I certainly appreciated the boards thoughtfulness.

It stopped being fun one Friday night after we'd been up too late partying.  It was a bit past 3:00am.  We'd just watched "The Ring" and we thought it would be fun to pull out the Ouija board.  We'd been drinking all night and I was at the point where the buzz begins to wear off and the headache starts to take over.

The session started out normally enough.  Almost immediately we contacted a spirit that seemed eager to talk.  It seemed playful and we joked with it.  When we asked what its name was it said "Dood."  Nice, we were talking with a "cool" spirit named "Dude." 

One of the guys then cracked a joke and asked the spirit if it was "cool" being dead and if there were any hot spirit babes there.  There was no answer for several minutes.  Suddenly the planchette lurched into movement startling us and spelled "U FIND OUT SOON." 

We all paused.  Someone said that wasn't funny.  One of the guys asked if the spirit was joking?  No answer.  The planchette didn't move at all.  We got kinda creeped out and just as we were about to move the pointer to "Goodbye" it jerked violently to the six in the number line.  Now I was freaked out!

The pointer moved to five, then to four, three, and then two with a short pause between each movement.  Before it could reach one we snapped out of our trance and forced it over to goodbye and flipped the board.  I swear we actually felt a physical resistance when we moved it from the number two to "goodbye."

The next day I found out that "Dood" means "Death" in Dutch.  I'll never use another Ouija board again and I suggest that your readers don't either.         



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